Weekly Bulletin

January 19, 2020

"A truly humble man is sensible of his natural distance from God; of his dependence on Him; of the insufficiency of his own power and wisdom; and that it is by God's power that he is upheld and provided for, and that he needs God's wisdom to lead and guide him, and His might to enable him to do what he ought to do for Him."


- Jonathan Edwards

Order of Service

Opening by Mark Brown

Call to Worship: Psalm 37:39

Hymn: 2 - God, Our Father, We Adore Thee!

Old Testament reading: 1 Kings 8:22-43 (p.288)

New Testament reading: Hebrews 8 (p.1005)

Hymn: 262 - I Will Sing of My Redeemer

Hymn: 268 - Redeemed, How I Love to Proclaim It!

(Children dismissed for children’s church)


Hymn: 257 - What a Wonderful Savior!

Meditation of Scripture led by Brian Breedveld: Mark 4:21-25

Hymn: 518 - My Savior’s Love

Closing prayer

Benediction: Hebrews 13:20-21


6:00pm - Sunday evening service. Chris Ryan will be preaching.



7:30pm - Study of Pilgrim’s Progress at the church.



1:00pm - 2-4 Ladies at Sylvia's home. 


7:00pm - Youth group at the Ryans' house. 

Next Sunday

9:30am - Sunday school.         

10:30am - Morning service. 


Ladies’ Bible studies at Vicki’s home last Monday of every month (7:00) and at Sue’s home last Thursday of every month (1:00)


2-4 Ladies every second and fourth Wednesday at Sylvia’s home (1:00)


For Prayer-chain requests, call either Liz Philips (839-2842) or Liz Breedveld (847-8236). 


We have nursery care available downstairs for all children up to 36 months old.  Please feel free to use it.

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