Weekly Bulletin

October 25, 2020

"Meditation and prayer are like two turtles-doves - if you separate one, the other dies.  Illumination makes us shining lamps, meditation makes us burning lamps. Meditation imprints and fastens a truth in the mind.
A Christian without meditation is like a soldier without weapons, or a workman without tools. Meditation is like the watering of the seed, it makes the fruits of grace to flourish. Meditation is the chewing on the truths we have heard." 


- Thomas Watson

Order of Service

Call to Worship: Psalm 147:1
Hymn: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (53)
Old Testament reading: 2 Kings 13
New Testament reading: The Revelation 10
Hymn: Rejoice, the Lord Is King (116)
Hymn: Come, Behold the Wondrous Mystery (184)
Meditation of Mark 10:32-34 "The Obedient Servant"
Hymn: Jesus Shall Reign (120)
Closing prayer
Benediction: Romans 16:25-27


Next Sunday (November 1st)


10:00am - Worship service with nursery and children’s church (groups A/B)

1:00pm - Worship service (groups C/D)



7:00pm - Midweek study. We will be considering the theology of Psalm 90



7:00pm - Youth Bible Study at the church


For Prayer-chain requests, call either Liz Breedveld (847-8236) or Jen Ryan (849-9347). 


Women’s Bible Studies at the church

Last Monday evening of the month (7:00pm)

Last Thursday afternoon of the month (1:00pm)


Sunday school will begin next Lord’s Day at noon.  This is an important ministry in the lives of the children where they learn the truths of God’s Word and the importance of the church and Christian fellowship.  Parents will have to complete the required health screening process before sending the children to Sunday school.  For further details, contact Sarah Sherrard.

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