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Dieter Borchmann & Family

Dieter graduated in 1985 from the "Bibelschule Brake" - a school of missions, with a Bachelor of Theology equivalency. He then served from 1985 -88 in a church planting ministry under the oversight of "Grace Brethren Foreign Missions" pastors in southern Germany. He entered the full time ministry in 1989 in order to serve in a church planting ministry in the Yukon-Territory, Canada. In 1997 Dieter and his family became members of Grace Community Church and started his studies at the Seminary. He graduated from The Master's Seminary in May 2001. After being ordained, he was sent out by Grace Community Church with his wife, Kristjana and four children, to serve in Berlin, Germany in June 2001. They joined the ministry of the Andresens and the Greens, and together started the "European Bible Training Centre" and the "Bibelgemeinde Berlin" in the east of Berlin. This is where Dieter still serves as a senior pastor. In August 2008 Dieter started with the adaption of John F. MacArthur's sermons into German. These sermons are available for download on the GTY-website (Grace To You), the Bibelgemeinde Berlin website and are also part of a weekly satellite broadcast in Germany by Radio Neue Hoffnung.

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